It Starts with a Wooden Coat Rack

Published: 14th October 2011
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There is nothing as satisfying as leafing through interior decorating magazines to find ideas for redefining the dècor in one's home. Every once in awhile doing a makeover reinvigorates the energy and ambience of a home and this positive energy transfers over to the dwellers.
An area that often gets ignored is the front entry hall. Traditionally these were larger functional foyers where visitors left their boots on racks and their outerwear on a coat hook. Today, our boots hardly ever get dirty since we spend more time in a car than walking on streets. However, the homeowner can bring back the functional aspect of this area by incorporating a coat rack or coat hook in their entryway.
It is fun to redesign when choosing the components and color scheme and the magazines provide a plethora of ideas. Affordable options are to recycle old furniture in flea markets or consignment stores and to start creating the new personality of the hallway area with the larger pieces first.
A pot or two of paint can transform an area into such an appealing space that one wants to pull up a chair and linger. If room permits, a rustic bench can be put up against the wall where people can sit when they do take off their boots. When mounting a coat hook make sure that it is properly secured so that it can carry the weight. Wet clothes will be heavy.
If there are many people living in the home the front hall can also be a place where one can sit quietly and read. If waiting for a family member to get ready to go out, again this area is an ideal place to catch up on reading magazines. The front hall becomes a waiting room and when pleasantly painted and lit with interesting decorative light fixtures, it will have become an additional living place in the home.
What was otherwise a plain, generic place to walk through can become an Oriental enclave with bamboo print wallpaper and black enamel coat rack in the corner draped with a red silk Chinese shawl. A small table could display a water fountain gurgling calming water sounds. Friends and family would be impressed by the little sanctuary that greeted them when they first step into this peaceful area.
It is good to remember that less is more. One does not need to spend a lot of money to redecorate. The key is how the components are put together. Dozens of ideas are in the magazines for inspiration and fun. Your imagination will take care of the rest.

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